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I am an immigrant from Italy, sort of. My Dad (and Mom) was stationed there when I was born and I lived there until I was 3 or so. Apparently, I spoke Italian and English at that point, but no longer, but I am trying to reclaim my Italian roots.

The core philsophy of my upbringing was that no one can ever take away your education, and that it was your obligation to give back of the gifts that you were blessed with. From this, I derived the guiding principle of my early life which has been to have "no regrets" over how I have lived and what I have chosen to pursue. Thus far, I am doing fairly well on that. I have been fortunate to get a great education, marry a wonderful woman and my best friend, Julie, and to extensively study, explore and to ponder the world we live in.

As I get older (nearly 42 now) I become less certain about most things, and yet more open to the possibility of everything. I continually seek to find the right combination of passion and purpose in the things I spend my time and energy on. Friendships and memories of my early days become more important.

I have enjoyed getting into the blogosphere and find it a nice catharsis and a way to express myself in a tiny, probably unnoticed way, but I puruse it nonetheless.

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golf, sailing, philosophy and religion, hiking, cooking and wine, travelling, reading, hanging out with my family and of course, flying