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Haven't been to your blog in a long time...read most of the articles...great stuff, easy to read, and very insightful...cool old fighter plane video.

I prefer open air to the confinement of a subway...a phobia to being enclosed I guess. I think you are right on about having a life soundtrack. When I run or bike I always have a tune in my head and it plays over and over and that becomes the soundtrack for that event in time. I won't go out if I have a song I don't care for stuck in my head because that drives me nuts. I purposefully don't have a music machine on my head when I'm in the open air, but I need to have music on when I'm on a treadmill, stationary bike, or driving in my car as it helps me enjoy the day. Weird how certain songs bring back specific memories of being with a certain person or a certain period in ones life.

Speaking of soundtracks, I love the beat of "Extreme Ways" that plays at the end of the "Bourne" movies. Kata and I went to a preview of the Bourne Ultimatum in Boise on 30JUL07 with Matt Damon and the producer in attendance. It was cool to see Matt walk down the Boise sidewalk while all us locals cheered him on. Before the movie started at the famous Egyptian Theater (next to the hockey rink downtown), he stated that if you had to go to the bathroom you'd better do it now because there was so much action in the 2 hour movie that you wouldn't want to get up. He wasn't kidding...awesome movie...and a great treat to see the movie with the star in the stands before the movie was released to the general public.

Link to song

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